Description of Service’s service is to relay the polices of the The Database (Licensor) to the public, submit applications for licensing and collect payment on the Licensor’s behalf.

Once the order is placed, submitted and accepted by The Database for unpublishing, permanent  publishing or content editing; (whether the order is placed on line through our on line shopping cart or telephonically via customer service agent), the service shall be deemed rendered.

All submissions by to The Database (Licensor) are captured and digitally recorded by the licensor on  You further agree and accept a screenshot of the digital submission to The Database as absolute proof the submission and acceptance have been completed and services are deemed rendered.

Licenses are issued and fulfilled by the The Database (Licensor) for permanent unpublishing, permanent publishing and content editing of arrest records and mugshots from The Database, the same database which powers the website.

If your request for permanent unpublishing, permanent publishing, or content editing is accepted by the Licensor, after the requested service is completed; As a courtesy ONLY, if permanent unpublishing is chosen and information is unpublished from The Database; requests will be submitted to Google to have the inactive links (dead links) and mugshots associated with the arrest(s) and removed from the Google search results. Google results are controlled by Google and as such; Google submissions are not guaranteed and are NOT a part of the optional paid service provided.

Other than the courtesy submissions to Google, NO other submissions of any kind will be provided to other search engines. Yahoo and Bing update their entire index regularly. Each of the major search engines tend to crawl the web and automatically find new pages, remove inactive links, and reflect updates to existing pages and websites, keeping the Search Engine indices fresh and as up-to-date as possible., its agents and the Licensor have no control of the speed of which Search Engines may react to changing content within The Database and further unpublished material on is an exclusive agent by contract for The Database. (licensor) does not work with and is not affiliated with, including but not limited to; any other informational, news related or Mugshot themed websites. or the Licensor cannot and will not be held accountable should a customer’s arrest information or mugshot appear on any informational, news related, additional mugshot themed websites or any other websites of any kind.’s service strictly relates to The Database, which is the database that powers  The customer agrees to and understands these sites are neither affiliated nor is the unpublishing from these sites a part of the optional paid service provided by It is not within’s scope of service to determine if a customer is published on any other websites et al or additional mugshot themed websites.

As a customer you are responsible for understanding the scope of our service before an order is placed.

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