Document Verification

In the event you have had your case sealed or expunged; we may submit you for a courtesy removal. (see bold paragraph below) You must provide verifiable documentation electronically via email  to [email protected]

The documentation you provide electronically may be reviewed by in-house counsel and/or an authorized agent to verify its authenticity. This documentation verification process carries a one time Administrative Fee of $299.00 per incident of arrest. No exceptions will be granted to this policy.

Should the presented documentation be determined to be unverifiable; the $299.00 Administrative Fee is non-refundable, however it can be applied towards a normal content licensing fee of $399.00. To apply the funds to standard services, you must submit the balance within a time period not to exceed 10 calender days from your electronic notice of non-acceptance for courtesy removal.







effective 01.15.2014 *Subject to change without prior written notice.