1) I had my mugshot page unpublished, why am I still seeing the link in Google?   

Answer: Click on the actual link. The page should redirect to the home page of the site or bring you to a page with no information. Our service unpublishes the content on the page from the website. Once this is completed it can take Google anywhere from 1 day up to several weeks to remove the dead listing from their index.

2) Can we make that dead link go away faster?

Answer: Unfortunately, this is something we have no control over. When the link is removed from Google is entirely up to Google. Their speed is what we can’t control. This can happen within minutes of us unpublishing your mugshot page or several weeks later. It will always be removed from Google’s index, it is just a matter of time.

3) You unpublished my mugshot page and the page is dead, but I still see my picture in Google images, why is that?

Answer: If this is an image from a site we unpublished it from, then it will have the same process as the dead listing link described above. Once Google crawls through this page and realizes it is no longer there it will remove the record from its results. We have no control over when this will happen. It can take anywhere from 1 day up to several weeks.

4) My mugshot page is unpublished, but I see my name appearing on someone else’s mugshot, why is this?

Answer: This is most likely due to how search engines work and directly related to questions above. With time, Google will re-index and address any changes related to unpublished material to reflect data accuracy.

5) What about the other search engines, Yahoo, Bing etc.?

Answer: We exclude your mugshot from The Mugshots.com Database, so once the page is unpublished it will be removed from all major search engines that use a similar crawling and indexing system to Google.

6)  What should I do if I don’t see the “submit” button or the scroll bar on the order form?

Answer:  As much as we strive to offer a consistent experience across all web browsers, sometimes browsers may display site elements differently.  If you are having trouble submitting the form, please refresh your browser. If that doesn’t work, try to utilize a different browser if you have one.  It’s also important to make sure your browser is the latest released version.  Please call us if you continue to have difficulty.

7) Why is it so hard to get content unpublished?

Answer: Because there is no standard industry practice for unpublishing. It’s up to each individual Publisher to decide what removal requests they will honor or not.  Luckily, Unpublisharrest .com has good working relationship with The Mugshots.com Database and can have your mugshot permanently unpublished from The Mugshots.com Database, usually within 24 hours.

 8) Who does UnpublishArrest.com work with?

Answer:  We work with “The Mugshots.com Database.”.